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Resources and Curriculum

St. Mary’s School proudly offers our students an academically rigorous curriculum simultaneously rich in tradition and marked by recent innovations in content and presentation. Our students are provided the
tools of modern technology and the benefit of proven, common-sense approaches to the educational process.

St. Mary’s offers students an extensive hands-on learning experience as they explore the study of science through the Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences. Students are introduced to the Scientific method as early as First Grade; this information seeking, inquiry-based instruction remains consistent as they work toward graduation.


The Social Science program at St. Mary’s presents students the opportunity to partake in a thorough examination of people, places, events, and cultures spanning from the Ancient Worlds through the Modern Era. Students are encouraged to examine current issues through the unique lens formed by an established foundation in historic matters. Students do, of course, work to meet all Constitution requirements.


The English Language Arts program at St. Mary’s incorporates instruction in reading, writing, spelling, and grammar to create a program replete with rigor and reward. The curriculum focuses on the development of advanced oral and written communication skills. Most recently, we’ve added a Writing Lab program for grades 5-8 as a means of furthering students’ preparation for continued study and advanced learning.


The mathematics courses at SMS feature the best components of both traditional and current instructional methods. This dual approach generates a thorough, inclusive system intended to meet the learning needs of all our students as they develop life-long problem-solving skills.


Students of all faith traditions are welcome, respected, and celebrated at St. Mary’s. As a Catholic school, we provide an in-depth examination of the Church’s Doctrine and faith Tradition. Faculty and students alike reflect Christ’s message in our daily lives as we willingly embrace the gifts afforded us through the Holy Sacraments.

Extracurricular Activities

St. Mary’s is active in the National Junior Beta Club organization. While Covid has interrupted other extracurricular programs, when normal activities do resume, our intent is to once again offer a variety of opportunities for our students to showcase their skills and talents.

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